Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"It's Table Scape Thursday" Grandmother's china

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Today I am showing off my Grandmother's China. It is pink little flowers and is trimed in
22 karate gold. I would guess that this china is around 1925 or 1930. This china was made in the U.S and the company is Eastern China, New York. The name is Homer Laughlin.
This was a wedding president from her Aunt. And then past down to me.

This is a picture from the top looking down. Thought it was kinda different.
I used gold napkins to bring out the gold in the plates.

I used a white linen tablecloth and added a mint green table topper with a silk top outlined in silver. I thought these pastel color's would look pretty with the light color of the dinner china

This sugar and creamer with the deliciate cups take you back to another era. When things moved slower and everyone enjoyed coffee and tea and talked about there day. Youcan see the pink flowers and gold leaf pattern. the gold is showing silver. It must be the lighting.The silver carafe for the coffee is in the picture below. I bought this from Southern Living at HOME.

Ahah we can not have a great dinner without wine. This is a Chautauqua Florida Blush Muscadine. Very good.

I chose this wine glass because of the vintage look it has. These glases have a notch halfway up the stem. It looks very delicate. I bought these also from Southern Living at HOME.
These glasses are sitting in a antique crystal coaster. I found these lovelies at a antique market.
I love those places.
These pink flowers have different sades of pink and different shades of green . The vase it set's in has what they call a frog at the top. For those of you who do not know what a frog is, it's a top that has holes in it so you can put your flowers thru the holes and instancely you have a great looking arrangement. The vase is a Southern Living at HOME piece.

As you can see with the above picture these are the candle holders I used. I wanted to bring more of the pink's and a splash of purple. I love these candle holders. I love the beautiful colors that are in these holders. These are sold by Party Lite If you have never heard of this company they sell candles and all the holder's to put in them. Very cool company.

Now this is just so delicate. The soup Tureen is covered with gold. I hope you can see the gold when you click on the picture's. Very delicate design. Very ornate.

In this picture I tried to show some items that you might not have gotten to see. On the upper left there is the silver carfa. There is a dinner plate with a salad bowl, and to the left there is a saucer with a dish for fruit or for whatever you may need it for. I put the gold napkins in the coffee cup's and the cups sit in a saucer.

This is a better picture of the dinner plate with the salad plate .

Here is the marking that is on the dishes. His last name is hard to make out. I might have misspelled it early on in this post. As you can see it has what the company made and where it was made and even the number is the pieces.
This is one of the cookbook's that my grandmother used. along with some more comming up.

This is my grandmother's cook book that is her own recipes. Now this is wonderful but she is one of these cook's that just puts down what ingredients not the measurments. And to top it off this is a wedding dinner for 250 people that she and some other family members helped her cook for my Mother and Father's Wedding Reception. So we are talking large quanities. It also had other things she has taped in like the rehersal dinner, and what the paper wrote about the couple.

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  1. How wonderful to have your grandmother's china. It is so pretty and you set a lovely table with it. Your link wasn't working for me on Susan's Mr. Linky. I don't know if it was just bad for me or for everyone so you might want to check it out and put a good link on there... :0)

  2. I will try and fix it. Thank you for bring it to my attention. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful table. What a beautiful sentiment. Your grandmother's china is a gorgeous keepsake. The soup tureen,cookbok,candle holders and centerpiece all come together perfectly. Thanks again for sharing this inspirational setting with us.


  4. Very pretty china pattern~ and I love the stemware, very unique!

  5. Hi! I just love your sweet blog. I'm trying to be a follower, but my computer is being temperamental at the moment. I will keep trying though. Love your tablescape and the hutch! Wow! 120 years old, that is a real treasure!

  6. Your grandmother's china is beautiful...you must love to use it! Thank you for stopping by!

  7. You sure do have some beautiful Homer Laughlin china! I like the way you put this tablescape together, and those flowers are lovely! I especially like that Party Lite candlestick. They are an awesome company, but oh so expensive! That's why I have mostly just the candles and not much else.


  8. What beautiful dishes! How special. Thanks so much for visiting my blog