Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Love You Tres Belle!!!

If you have ever loss a friend or sister then you know how sad I am.
We did not loose this friend in death but in separation. She has gone away and
does not want to be bothered with anyone from her past. All family and friends do
not know why she chose to go away, but they know how heavy their hearts are with
her not being here anymore.
When you love someone then out of love you are suppose to not question why and to
believe this is the best for her. But what is best for all that loves her. Are broken
heart's just bleeding openly waiting for her to come back and heal our broken hearts.
What and How do we get thur this kind of hurt. I wonder if she is hurt so badly that she
can not see the hurt that she has inflicted on all that she left. Or if this is what she wants us to feel.
So I say to you Tres Belle that I love you and miss you very much and I am sadden
that you can not open your heart to forgive what we do not know why you walked away.
We have been waiting very patiently for you to miss us as we miss you, but I have to speak
up because it has been 3 years that are hearts have been sadden and I want to ask you
to please find forgiveness in your heart of heart's and let the love flow that once was there.
We love you please come back to us Tres Belle.

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