Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Southern Women!!!!!

We just came back from Kentucky from around Dixon. My husband's family is from that area.
Every year his cousin puts on a Memorial Day Reunion. There were 49 people this year. All the ladies bring a cover dish and a dessert. These southern women can cook and we all have a taste of it all. This year we had pork in a sauce that had a mint taste to it and it was very good. Beef and noodles that was out of this world, fried chicken which would have put the Kentucky Colonial to shame. There were 2 different types of salad's that were yummy and of course they had,
green beans with all the trimmings, barbecue that only a southern could do, potato and sausage dish, sub sandwich and chips. Now the desserts were wonderful. We had 2 kinds of Chocolate Pies the merrangue stood up in peaks, 2 kinds of Strawberry pie with some of the most juiciest strawberries I have tasted, Cheese Cake with Carmel sauce, Coconut cake that was so moist you just savored every bite.
Pecan Pie and a Trifle full of chocolate, cool whip, butterfingers, gram crackers. I did eat my fair share of it all. It was calling my name and I just had to answer the call, it was just wonderful.

My husband's cousin's teased him as they do every year and all told about the great ice storm that happened last winter. They even had pictures. Alot of the people in this area was out of power for 11 day's, These people were lucky because alot of Kentucky went without power for a month.
As we got caught up on all the new news in the families the day winded down and we left to come home to Evansville. As we were driving home I ask my husband if he remember the past memorial day when our kids were young and we went to another cousin's house and as we were sitting under the big tree's we were watching the children playing baseball and are daughter hit a line drive right into the watermellon and the watermellon exploded into bits and as we were holding our breaths we all just started to laugh and as we were laughing a snake shed his skin on all of us, we went screaming with our chairs and left the shelter of the trees, we then started laughing about that and we got so tickled that a aunt went running into the house because she had pee her pants. What a day that was and years later it still gets us all laughing.
I hope you all enjoyed my southern tail of our Memorial day and past memorial Day's
What is your funniest Memorial Day memory? Please write. I would like to here.

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