Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just another rainy day

When I woke up this morning and saw that the sun was not out I just buried my head under the blankets and went back to sleep. When I awoke and peeked my eyes out of the blanket's to see if the sun was out, well it wasn't and I went ahead and got out of bed anyhow.
I decided that I would get some things done around the house but then my husband came home from his morning breakfast with the men and he had other things in mind to do.
So I raised my eyebrow's and winked at him and ask what did you have in mind? Of course I was way off base, so he proceeded to tell me that there was some ball games on and he thought since it was such a rainy day he would just plant himself in front of the TV.
Well I decided that the vacuum would make a OK sound against the TV and since he has told me before that he doesn't need sound I proceeded to vacuum the living room, kitchen, and hallway and I did a great job at it. Since I am baby sitting for my new grandson I have very little time to clean so it seems Sat. and Sun. have become my cleaning day's. ("Please someone call and save me from myself") no one called!!!
Well now that it is 6:00 and the ball games are over he is hungry so he would like me to cook him something. Well I proceeded to tell him he could cook for me or he could take me out!
Well we went out and I had a lovely meal and I feel that all is well with the world since my house
cleaning is done. And all is good!!!!!!! (My happy husband upper right)
How is your rainy day going?

Since I have my new camera I have been taking pictures of some of my home deco. To the Left are my Paris oil paintings. I seem to have a problem with the lighting on the center picture.

Then the bakers rack is gun metal for the iron and antique oak for the bottom cabinet. Then my antique oak china cabinet. Before this cabinet was refinished it had been painted red and the door's were off of it. It had to be striped down and assembled. This piece dates back to around 1890. But through the years they put new inside panels to replace the glass that was there. The panel's were put there around 1920 and are stamped into the wood. One day I will put glass panels in the door's but for now I like it the way it is. This antique I did not finish but I have several pieces I bought and finished them. When I take pictures of them I will post them. Tell next time take care and good blogging

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Young Adventures!!!!!!!!

Today I was thinking about my mother and my siblings. My first remembrance of her was thinking how beautiful she was, and how much fun she was . I must of been around 5 years old we lived on the southeast side of town in a new house that my dad helped build. I remember my father coming home and teasing my mother, they would just laugh and make us laugh.
Around this time there were 4 of us and one on the way. My older sister and brother and a younger brother he was the baby.
I remember my mother sewing lots of pinafores (fancy dresses) for us two girls. They say my mother was a master seamstress and I believe she was, when I look back at what we wore in pictures they were just beautiful works of art. At 27 years old she had already had 4 children and working on a 5th. That's right we are catholic. My mother also played the piano and sang. She went to business collage and got her degree. But in that time when you graduated from collage, women were limited in what kind of jobs they could get so she worked as a secretary until she married and we all came along,
Around this time the economy was doing well, at least I thought so we had enough to eat and clothes and shoes and if you didn't the kids didn't care we were to busy playing all types of games. We had a black and white TV and every Saturday morning we watched the lone ranger, spanky and our gang, I remember thinking how beautiful the horses were and that's when I fell in love with horses and every western they made out.
The time was in the later 1950's I pretty sure. There were lots of kids that lived in our neighbor and we had someone always to play with. We would play bike tag, hide and seek, red rover, and dodge ball but that game was not my favorite since I was small and a skinny little thing but a spit fire for sure.
The first adventure I remember was when I was in first grade. We always caught the bus at the end of our street to take us to school and rode the bus home to our street . But one day my older brother and sister and me and some of my brother's older friends decided that we were going to walk home from school. Now I was 6 at this time my sister was 7 and my brother was 8 and of course his older friends were 9 and 10 years old. And school was about 2 miles up the road, but in those days you didn't have to worry about being taken. As we were walking home we seen some dogs in the field and this is when the story gets going.
Now the story that the older kids said was that there were mean German Shepperd's around these fields and if we took these coke bottles that he had in his school bag and throw them on the ground that it would keep the dogs from attacking us. As afraid as we were we were more than willing to take those coke bottles that were filled with some special liquid and throw them down on the street so the dogs wouldn't get us. As we proceeded in doing this we had all this traffic coming down the street and the men in those cars were yelling at us and were stopping there cars and shaking their fist at us, for the life of me I didn't understand why they were so mad at us after all we were protecting ourselves and them from the dogs. But anyway one man got out of his car and started coming toward us yelling and shaking his fist. Well by then we were down by our street and we all ran for our life's thinking the man was going to grab one of us and take us away. Well we made it home safe. We decided that we would just ride the bus and not worry about the dogs again. We felt for as young as we were that, that was a big enough adventure we didn't need to experience again.
You see the bottles we broke cause some of the drivers to have flat tires, as we found out later on, when our dad came home and told our mother some hoods had busted glass all over the rode and cars were getting flats ,and boy was he mad. He told our mother that those kids should have there butts busted and the parents pay for the flat tires.
Well we never did that again. And you know those two older boy's we never did see them again, and we were all OK with that after all they were older and dogs didn't scare them like they did us and being safe was better than being scared,
And our dad and mom never found out about us breaking all those bottles on the road and that was a good thing . We took a vow of silence that we would not tell on each other. And that was not the last time we took that vow.
I hope you liked the story of me and my adventure. There are plenty of more as I'm sure that we all have things that we did when we were young. Let me here some of your stories.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here are some more of my favoriate items.

Simple decorating idea's.
This is a blue serving bowl but you can also bake in it at 350 degree.
This is a rustic tray that I have used above the wise men along with a angel and cross. It gives the area a old world look.
I love the canister set. you purchase the large by itself and the two smaller as a set. The tray that it sets in can be used to hold the canisters or by itself for your jewelry or in the bath for hand towels.
The salt pepper set is just the perfect items for any kitchen. All this set is called Astoria.
We come to the Jar's. The biggest is called a maze jar. I like to fill it with earthy twigs, branches.
It looks beautiful by itself and is a neutral color and goes with any decorating. Then I have the smaller jar's and the Tuscan pitcher that looks like a vase.
I hope this will give you some more ideal's.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Ice Age

Well the ice age is back. I am from the Midwest Southern Indiana (Evansville) .
We had a winter storm that came threw with a lot of gust and wind, it also left 3 to 4 inches of ice and 6 inches of snow. Well the trees were bent over from the weight of the ice and just snapped off. We woke up to tree's in the street on top of houses and power lines downed. In our city alone there were 75,000 homes without power. Now another state that got hit hard was Kentucky.
They really got it a lot worse than us. I think there were 80,000 people without power and this was threw the whole state.
We were very lucky because we finally got are power back on Sunday. We had been without power since Tuesday night. We went to stay at our daughter's house and all though it is always nice to visit our daughters we really missed our bed.
When our electric came back on we were so happy that we could go back home.
Their are still 22,00o homes without electric and in Evansville they project that all electric will be on by end of this week. But for Kentucky it will probably be middle of February. A lot of Kentucky is rural so it will take longer.
Say a prayer for these people that they will stay well!!!!!!!!
We have a lot of electric trucks that have come from all over the United States to help us.
I thank all of you for all that you have done for us. God bless you!!!!!!!!