Thursday, February 12, 2009

Young Adventures!!!!!!!!

Today I was thinking about my mother and my siblings. My first remembrance of her was thinking how beautiful she was, and how much fun she was . I must of been around 5 years old we lived on the southeast side of town in a new house that my dad helped build. I remember my father coming home and teasing my mother, they would just laugh and make us laugh.
Around this time there were 4 of us and one on the way. My older sister and brother and a younger brother he was the baby.
I remember my mother sewing lots of pinafores (fancy dresses) for us two girls. They say my mother was a master seamstress and I believe she was, when I look back at what we wore in pictures they were just beautiful works of art. At 27 years old she had already had 4 children and working on a 5th. That's right we are catholic. My mother also played the piano and sang. She went to business collage and got her degree. But in that time when you graduated from collage, women were limited in what kind of jobs they could get so she worked as a secretary until she married and we all came along,
Around this time the economy was doing well, at least I thought so we had enough to eat and clothes and shoes and if you didn't the kids didn't care we were to busy playing all types of games. We had a black and white TV and every Saturday morning we watched the lone ranger, spanky and our gang, I remember thinking how beautiful the horses were and that's when I fell in love with horses and every western they made out.
The time was in the later 1950's I pretty sure. There were lots of kids that lived in our neighbor and we had someone always to play with. We would play bike tag, hide and seek, red rover, and dodge ball but that game was not my favorite since I was small and a skinny little thing but a spit fire for sure.
The first adventure I remember was when I was in first grade. We always caught the bus at the end of our street to take us to school and rode the bus home to our street . But one day my older brother and sister and me and some of my brother's older friends decided that we were going to walk home from school. Now I was 6 at this time my sister was 7 and my brother was 8 and of course his older friends were 9 and 10 years old. And school was about 2 miles up the road, but in those days you didn't have to worry about being taken. As we were walking home we seen some dogs in the field and this is when the story gets going.
Now the story that the older kids said was that there were mean German Shepperd's around these fields and if we took these coke bottles that he had in his school bag and throw them on the ground that it would keep the dogs from attacking us. As afraid as we were we were more than willing to take those coke bottles that were filled with some special liquid and throw them down on the street so the dogs wouldn't get us. As we proceeded in doing this we had all this traffic coming down the street and the men in those cars were yelling at us and were stopping there cars and shaking their fist at us, for the life of me I didn't understand why they were so mad at us after all we were protecting ourselves and them from the dogs. But anyway one man got out of his car and started coming toward us yelling and shaking his fist. Well by then we were down by our street and we all ran for our life's thinking the man was going to grab one of us and take us away. Well we made it home safe. We decided that we would just ride the bus and not worry about the dogs again. We felt for as young as we were that, that was a big enough adventure we didn't need to experience again.
You see the bottles we broke cause some of the drivers to have flat tires, as we found out later on, when our dad came home and told our mother some hoods had busted glass all over the rode and cars were getting flats ,and boy was he mad. He told our mother that those kids should have there butts busted and the parents pay for the flat tires.
Well we never did that again. And you know those two older boy's we never did see them again, and we were all OK with that after all they were older and dogs didn't scare them like they did us and being safe was better than being scared,
And our dad and mom never found out about us breaking all those bottles on the road and that was a good thing . We took a vow of silence that we would not tell on each other. And that was not the last time we took that vow.
I hope you liked the story of me and my adventure. There are plenty of more as I'm sure that we all have things that we did when we were young. Let me here some of your stories.

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