Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few more of my favorite things.

I thought I would share these item's with you, they are all Southern Living at HOME. I am a consultant with this company. I joined so I could decorate my house with these beautiful items.
I's like to tell you a little about these items.
The first picture is a nobed pitcher, this pitcher is very heavy and very attractive, there or 10 oz juice glasses and they also have the 16 oz ice tea glasses, It is a very nice set. Just right on a hot sunny day.
The second picture is a little red vase with a wavey top that is trimed in carmel. This vase is a dark red and just the cutiest little vase I've ever seen. I have alot of fun decorating with it. For Valentine's Day I put hearts on a stick and pink roses with a little cupid sitting in the middle.
The next picture has 3 tins that are different designs on them, the tins are chocolate and outlined in a green dusting that gives it a old world look. They go well in about any deco. And because they are so different they look good as a accent to any arrangment you have going on in your house.
TheTuscan pitcher in the blue is outlined at the top in a handpainted carmel color, It has spouts on both sides of the neckand it fits perfect in you hand for pouring. Very grecien. Next to it is the Tuscan vase which is also in that beautiful blue as the pitcher. This vase has four corners at the top that are turned down and trimed in a handpainted carmel color . The vase is so different than any vase I've seen, very unsual.
The bubble glasses are next to the vases. These glasses have bubbles blowned through them and come in two sizes these are the 10 oz glasses. They have 12 oz glasses also, these look so awesome with red wine or any color drink. Very festive!!!
We then have the Gail Pittman bountiful bowl. This bowl is so beautiful it has the tuscan blue, reds, yellow's and greens. You can serve with it or just display it. In any room it makes a statement wherever you put it or however you use it.
I hope you enjoyed some of my pretty's. When I get some more pictures I will show you some more.
Check out my other blog's. I have showned some other item's that are my favorite.
If you would like to know about these items just e-mail me. I would love to talk to you more about them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Paddy's Day

What do all of these have in common?
St. Paddy's Day!!
How many of you are Irish?
And what St. Paddy's tale do
you have to tell us.

Mine begins with my great
Grandfather. He had the red
hair and everyone was wanting

to rub his head for good luck.
So many rubbed his head that there was a permit spot that was bald. Anyway my grandfather Willard was a teaser you can be sure of and when ever he had a chance to pull one over on great
grandfather you can be sure he did something.
One day my great grandfather was napping in the kitchen chair and grandfather had looked at me and said watch this!!! He lit a fire cracker and sat in right under his chair. Well it went off and
great grandfather didn't even move a mussel me I just about pee in my pants. But all great grandfather said was "Willard" don't be setting off fire crackers with the wee one's around.
I was just in awe that he was so calm. I was only five years old but I remember him fondly.
And I being a part Irish want to send you good will.
" May you find love the love in your heart and give it in good will to all around"
Let me here your St. Paddy's story!