Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring has sprung at our house

As you can see our white dogwood has opened up and it is just very beautiful. this dogwood is about 45 year old.
We planted this white Lilac tree from a sprig. This is the first year it has bloomed. We are very proud of it. The purple Iris are a transplant from the farm of my husband grandparents home.
If you click on the pictures you can see a close up. More pictures will be forth coming as my plants start opening up.
Happy gardening.

80th birthday Party/ Reuion's

Saturday I went to my Aunt Bonnie's 80th birthday party. Aunt Bonnie is my mother's youngest sister,

My mother passed away 4 years ago and her oldest sister Martha passed away a week ago.

Now my Aunt Bonnie is the only one left out of 3 brothers and 2 sisters,and she turned 80 years old Saturday.

My cousins worked very hard in getting friends and family together for this big event. I my self was looking forward to seeing my aunt and all my cousins, some I haven't seen in 20 years or more.

My aunt and my mother did not look a like when they were young but as they had gotten older they started to look more a like. Now when I look at her it is like looking at my mother and it makes me smile and think about my mother. I miss my mother very much. My aunt is also very active and full of life. She has had her share of grief. She lost her Youngest brother when he was 21 killed in world war II, Watched her favorite sister have a break down and watch her get put into a state hospital, buried her husband of 30 years and bury her oldest son when he was 48 years old. Then she buried her 2 oldest brothers and her 2 oldest sisters. I would think that is very hard to take of life. but she took it in stride and went on with life and living and showed us that we must grieve but then pull are self's up and go on because life is not over for us yet.

After visiting with her for awhile all of us cousins got reacquainted since it had been so long since we had seen each other . And she sat back and smiled at all of us. you could tell that seeing all of us together once again brought back memories of yesterday,and made her happy.

We talked about when we were kids and all the things we did when we got together. We showed all our children and grandchildren pictures and we took a lot of pictures to mark the event. One of my cousin got up and impersonate Elvis and the late great Louie Armstrong and we gave him standing ovations and laughed till we had tears.

Aunt Bonnie's children made a video of her life and all her siblings. There were 6 all together 3 boys and 3 girls. All our parents were in this video when they were young and through all the years and get together's and it made us laugh and made us cry and made us look once again back on yesterday's when we were young so long ago and life was so new and exciting. I walked away with the thought of where did the years go. It was just yesterday when I was 10 years old playing with my cousins at grandma & grandpa's house at Thanksgiving.

I was glad that I went and I had a very good time and touched base with everyone and even got some e-mails. Now we can stay in touch and not wait so long to see one another.

It was a very good day that I will cherish.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Big Feast "EASTER"

"Easter" going to church and thanking Jesus for forgiving all of us. Teaching the small children all about Jesus and what the true meaning of Easter is all about. Families joining together for a dinner and hiding the Easter egg's for the little one's to find.
Every year we have Easter at our house and invite our family to come and share in the fun. As my grandson puts it into his words it is the "BIG FEAST"
This year he asked me if I was going to cook kid food. I had to laugh and then proceeded in telling him yes we were having ham, mac-cheese, sweet corn, broccoli & cauliflower salad, slaw, green bean casserole, devil eggs and potato casserole. He made faces at the last five courses.
My daughters each bring a covered dish and candy to fill the Easter eggs, that the kids hunt for.
We put candy and money in them and we have one big egg that we put a $20.00 bill in. Then the hunt begins. Last year we had 140 eggs that we hid , there are 4 grandchildren that do the hunting. To say the least they made out like bandits.
It's so much fun watching the kids hunt and we get creative. We hide them in the tree's down a garden tube and in watering cans and so forth. We always have to count afterwards to make sure there are not any hiding in the grass, so that my husband "Darrell" won't mow over them when he cuts the grass. This is what I am cooking for the "FEAST"

The Menu

I will bake the ham at 325% degrees in my secret sauce. It contains 1 cup of brown sugar, 2 tsp dry mustard and one 160z can of coke.
I slit the top of the ham from side to side making a diamond shape. Then I pour the mixture over it and baste it every 25 minutes. This gives it a salty & sweet taste and makes it very moist.
Broccoli & cauliflower Salad
I cut the broccoli and cauliflower into tiny pieces, 1 small head each. I add 1 diced red onion, 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup of real bacon bits I use Hormel, then I make up a dressing, a 1/4 cup of sugar or 6 pks of Equal, 1/4 cup of sour cream, 1/2 cup of miracle whip, 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar, salt and to taste. You mix it all up together and refrigerate to chill. (Hold the bacon bit's until your are ready to serve, so they won't get soggy).
I boil some water in a pot and add salt and oil to the water. When the water boils I put my macaroni in it about 2 cups and boil for about 10 minutes, then I turn down the heat to simmer and put the lid on for about 10 minutes. I drain and rinse the macaroni. I then put about 1/2 cup of milk and 1/2 stick of butter into the pot and put the macaroni back into the pot. I then add cube square pieces of Velveeta cheese about 1 1/2 cups of cheese. Put the heat on medium low and just stir often until cheese is melted. My grand kids love this!!!
Deviled egg's
In a pot I put water and salt and 1 doz eggs. I bring to a boil and boil for about 7 minutes. Then I turn off the heat and cover the eggs and let them sit for about 5 minutes. Then I rinse them with a cold bath. ( This stops them from cooking), I cut the egg's long wise and carefully take the yolk out and put it into a mini chopper. After I get all the yolks in the chopper, ( your can smash them up by hand make sure no lumps).I put in 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoon's of milk, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and blend all this together. I then add 2 tablespoons of miracle whip and 1 teaspoon of dry mustard. keep adding miracle whip if it is to dry. Stuff into the egg. Cover and refrigerate. You may sprinkle with Paprika if so desire.
Oreo Banana Pudding
2 large box's of vanilla instance pudding. Mix in a bowl using pudding instructions that is on the box. 1 package of Ore's , You will crumble into pieces , 3 banana's
sliced, And cool whip. You will layer these starting with crumble cookies on the bottom, then a layer cool whip, then a layer of banana's then you will pour vanilla pudding over the top and then you will start over with the crumble cookies. On the very top you will put cool whip and some crumbled cookies with some cherries or jelly beans since it is Easter. This is Sooo good and a real crowed pleaser and it doesn't take that much time.
The rest of the food my daughters will bring and they have their own recipes that they have not disclosed to me. " We all have our secrets". I am very eager to try their recipes.
I am a very lucky mother to have all three of my daughters live in the same town as I do. And get to visit my grand kids as often as I like. I know there are other mothers that have to travel to see the children and grand kids so I thank God for giving me this wonderful gift and I pray to all the other mothers out there that they get to spend time with there children on Easter.
I am wishing you all a very nice Easter. Now just get out there and cook something!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I never expected my life to end this way!

Here it is diner and he still hasn't made it home from work. I've had dinner ready since 4:00. I could use some help with getting the kids ready for bed and with their baths and tucking them in. Washing the clothes and keeping the house clean with four children under my feet. Thank God it did not rain today or it would have been just to much to handle. I know that he has to work late with the new business and getting the deliveries out and doing all the office work but I miss him and I am tired. With being pregnant with my fifth child and dealing with the other four What a day. God I love them , but please if you could send him home soon I would appreciate it.

Alan will you get Scott out of the bath and put his pajama's on and Lynn will you make sure Beth brushes her teeth? we don't need anymore cavities. Yes mom Alan and I will take care of Scott and Beth.

Mom did you get my pretty party dress done? I want to show it off at the birthday party Saturday. Everyone will be dressed in their party dresses and I can't wait to wear my pink lacy pinafore. I told my friend Tress all about it. She said she wished you would show her mom how to sew like you, so she could have new party dresses. Mom it isn't fair that Lynn gets a new dress and you haven't made me one. I like pretty dresses too! even though I don't go to school yet I still could wear them to Church. Beth just wait I will make you the next dress when I get done with Lynn's now you two girls get into bed and no playing or arguing or your father will pay a visit with the belt. OK. Alan are you and Scott in bed? Yes! Then turn the lights out. But mom I'm afraid of the dark! and Lynn won't let me sleep in her bed. OK ! OK !I will leave on the hall way light just this one time but you are going to have to get over being afraid of the night. There are no boogie men in your room and no tigers in your closet. Now kids go to sleep!!!!

8:00 and he still isn't home from work. I just wonder if there is another women in his life? Between the working and hunting I feel like I am not even married. It's me and the kids every night. And him home long enough to get me pregnant , I sure didn't bargain for this when I married him. "Lord forgive me I do not wish bad luck on the baby that is growning inside of me." If it is your will I will have as many as you give me. All I ask is help in raising them. At 29 I surely didn't see my life going along this route. What has happen to me? Somewhere along the way I've lost what I wanted my life to be.

What has happen to all my dreams? How could this have happen to me I am at a loss at knowing how and when my life changed so completely. one day I was in high school going with the most popular guy in school and planning our engagement and then all of a sudden the rug was pulled out from under me. Marian Biggs broke it off with me, his reason was that he was going to collage in California and that he didn't want me to wait for him and that since I was going to Business collage in Indiana that the distance would be to far to keep a relationship together. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. All my dreams with him were gone. How could I go on? How much it hurt me. He was my first love and my life was all about him. But I did go on after awhile and I went to business school and graduated and landed a good job working as a Secretary at Servile. I finally had gotten past the breakup with Marian and was going to dances with my sisters and friends and just having the time of my life when at a VFW dance he came up to me and ask me to dance. My life was never the same after that.

He was tall, and lean, blond hair, brown eyes and dark brows with a dimple in his chin.
Very good looking and very Ivy league. When he smiled I just melted and he was coming up to me! He ask me what my name was? Louise I said and you are? Monroe but everyone call's me Bud! He ask me how come he hadn't seen me here before. I just moved down here with my sister. Are you from around here? yes. After some more small talk we danced and he took my sister and me home and asked to take me out on a date. How could I have said no he was the perfect gentlemen. We dated for about a year and had a grand catholic wedding with all the trimmings. We were both 21 and were ready to start are life together. And not to soon either for I found out a month after we were married I was pregnant! " what so soon is this really fair"

And now we had started our family. I have had four children in 5 years and then I rested for 3 years and now I'm pregnant with my fifth! "Whew". How the years have flown by and I haven't done anything I wanted to do.

I wanted to have my own piano so Icould learn all the new songs on the radio. I wanted to open my own shop and sell the clothes I would make. Or belong to a women's club!! But with having all the children I had so close together I never had the time to do any of these things. So what have I accomplished? nothing. Iam just a wife and a mother. My mother says that should be enough.That I have a good man that loves me. He converted from Baptist to Catholic so I could raise my children in the catholic religion, he has started a trucking business and built me a new home and buys you the newest things that he can afford.

I guess she is right. I guess I should not ask for more. But why do I feel so alone, so sad, that there is more to me than to be a cook housemaid, mother and wife. Aren't these titles of what I do and not of what I am? What will become of me?

Honey I'm home come give your baby some sugar? What did you save me for supper? And did you wash and starch my white shirt's for work.

Where have you been all this time? It's 8:00 and I know you couldn't be at work,working all this time. You could at least call and told me that you were going to be late.

Forget the sugar and get your own meal and iron your own shirt. I know you've been with some other women! Good night.

Gee why are you yelling at me? I've been at work all this time and the work won't get done by itself. Oh go ahead and go to bed!

This is part one of my story I hope you enjoyed! Iam new at this and would welcome good criticism. Just no bashing!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Having fun with decorating

Spring flowers in a pretty red vase,
I just love when spring arrives. There are so many flowers I can decorate with. There are 4 different bushes in this little vase. I can just smell the flowers. They are silk.

I just love this Renaissance Hurricane, I have put some ivy and some holly along with some copper pine cones. I then sat a hand painted wooden bird in it to give it a look as if nesting.This hurricane is also a Southern Living at HOME item.
One of my favorite tables is the turtle top I bought at a auction. This table has porcelain wheels on the legs. It is a walnut wood and is around 120 years old. This piece was already finished and I didn't have to refinish it. I love the design of the table with all it's curve of the legs to the detail on the front. I never get tired of looking at it.
The frames on the table are very french and just pop on the turtle top table they are Southern Living at HOME and so is the little red vase.
The lamp is a Dale Tiffany and is 3 dimensional stain glass. The colors in this lamp or a dusty orange, pink, blue, green, cream. When it is lit up it is so beautiful it takes on more of the dusty orange color with hints of the other colors I was really lucky to get this lamp. It was me and another man that was bidding on it at a auction and he finally gave in and I was able to get it for $50.00 this was a real save, as this type of lamp usually goes a lot higher.
I love to go to auctions. I find all kinds of neat and different things. You can add old pieces with new and it just makes your home look so warm and welcoming.
I haven't been lately to any auctions but I plan on correcting that by going again. I'm in the hunt now for a side table in a antique oak that has french legs. This will complete my living room as far as the table's. Then I will be hunting for something to go under my Paris pictures.
Happy hunting to all of you that are looking for that right piece to make your corner complete