Thursday, April 2, 2009

Having fun with decorating

Spring flowers in a pretty red vase,
I just love when spring arrives. There are so many flowers I can decorate with. There are 4 different bushes in this little vase. I can just smell the flowers. They are silk.

I just love this Renaissance Hurricane, I have put some ivy and some holly along with some copper pine cones. I then sat a hand painted wooden bird in it to give it a look as if nesting.This hurricane is also a Southern Living at HOME item.
One of my favorite tables is the turtle top I bought at a auction. This table has porcelain wheels on the legs. It is a walnut wood and is around 120 years old. This piece was already finished and I didn't have to refinish it. I love the design of the table with all it's curve of the legs to the detail on the front. I never get tired of looking at it.
The frames on the table are very french and just pop on the turtle top table they are Southern Living at HOME and so is the little red vase.
The lamp is a Dale Tiffany and is 3 dimensional stain glass. The colors in this lamp or a dusty orange, pink, blue, green, cream. When it is lit up it is so beautiful it takes on more of the dusty orange color with hints of the other colors I was really lucky to get this lamp. It was me and another man that was bidding on it at a auction and he finally gave in and I was able to get it for $50.00 this was a real save, as this type of lamp usually goes a lot higher.
I love to go to auctions. I find all kinds of neat and different things. You can add old pieces with new and it just makes your home look so warm and welcoming.
I haven't been lately to any auctions but I plan on correcting that by going again. I'm in the hunt now for a side table in a antique oak that has french legs. This will complete my living room as far as the table's. Then I will be hunting for something to go under my Paris pictures.
Happy hunting to all of you that are looking for that right piece to make your corner complete

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