Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Ice Age

Well the ice age is back. I am from the Midwest Southern Indiana (Evansville) .
We had a winter storm that came threw with a lot of gust and wind, it also left 3 to 4 inches of ice and 6 inches of snow. Well the trees were bent over from the weight of the ice and just snapped off. We woke up to tree's in the street on top of houses and power lines downed. In our city alone there were 75,000 homes without power. Now another state that got hit hard was Kentucky.
They really got it a lot worse than us. I think there were 80,000 people without power and this was threw the whole state.
We were very lucky because we finally got are power back on Sunday. We had been without power since Tuesday night. We went to stay at our daughter's house and all though it is always nice to visit our daughters we really missed our bed.
When our electric came back on we were so happy that we could go back home.
Their are still 22,00o homes without electric and in Evansville they project that all electric will be on by end of this week. But for Kentucky it will probably be middle of February. A lot of Kentucky is rural so it will take longer.
Say a prayer for these people that they will stay well!!!!!!!!
We have a lot of electric trucks that have come from all over the United States to help us.
I thank all of you for all that you have done for us. God bless you!!!!!!!!

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