Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A working garden in progress.

This is my patio bed that I have not gotten to yet. I will be working in it as soon as my grandson is picked up. Since I baby sit him 4 day's a week and only get one day a week free I just have a hard time getting everything done. But I have some flowers that I need to plant in this bed and there are some weeds that need to be weeded and I will show you new pics so you can see before and after .

This bed is a new one. We just planted knock out rose bushes. We are still working this bed up.
When we get done there will be weed cover and rock around the roses. We will leave a area at the base of the bush with mulch. Then we will be putting a side walk next to it. Pics forth coming.

And the last bed needs to be larger. Everything is sort of cramp from getting to big.
There is a rock in this bed on the right but you can't see it because of the grass covering it up.
We will be buying landscaping block's to move this one out and moving some of the plants and dividing some of the plants up. I plan on taking the Lilly's out and dividing the grasses up.
This bed has several types of Lilly's and when they are in bloom which they will be in a couple of weeks, The smell is heavenly.

Well I hope you enjoyed working in my garden with me. come back for another visit and see how it is coming along.

Keep digging.


  1. the roses will be fabulous especially once the cover is around them

    you know I really don't think you can beat a rose, I am having trouble growing them here in Australia but keeping trying

    good luck with your garden


  2. gardens are things that evolve. Love the roses -- they are some of my favorites and they are really pretty -- you'll enjoy them.