Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I follow Grits and Glamour and a friend of her tag her with this game so I thought I would play it with some blogs I visit. Please feel free to play this game with your fellow bloggers.

This is how it works go to the picture file on your computer and to the the 6th file open it up and go to the 6th picture and post it on a blog then send this challenge to 6 blog friends. Then tell a little about the picture.

My 6th, 6th is my antique hutch that is on the right side. This hutch was painted fire engine red and the door's were just hanging off of it. And a couple of shelves had to be repaired. I did not do the work but I was visiting some friends and her husband had bought this at a auction and refinished the whole cabint. He was looking for a buyer and yes I am the buyer. This hutch is over 120 years old. I have all my treasures inside of it and love it dearly. And on Tablescape Thursday I will be opening the hutch and letting everyone view what is in it's cupboard.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and get out there and take some pictures!

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  1. OK I'll be back to see what is inside. I love surprises.
    Welcome to my following friends. So happy to log in this evening and see four new friends.
    Look forward to sharing more with each other as we travel in blogland.