Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yea!! Tablescape Thrusday - Red Checkered Day

Hello everyone and welcome to Tablescape Thursday brought to us by Susan http://betweennapsontheporch/ make sure you go there to see all the other tablescapes awaiting you. And Foodie Friday hosted @ http://dsignsbygollum/ Make sure on Friday you stop by and see all the good eats.

Today I decided to combine Tablescape Thursday and Foodie Friday together. Since I will be out of town on Friday. My tablescape is Red Checkered Day - and Foodie Friday Salisbury Dinner.

I just love the summer with all it's color, all the bright yellow's and red's, so that is why I decided to do my scape in these colors.

The dinner plate and saucer are Southern Living at HOME it is there Hospitality line of dishes and the color is called butter.
The saucer is called the swirly plate. The way it looks here you can't tell that it is two dishes but it is. Click on the pic to see a bigger picture. The dinner plate has a little bead all around the outside of the plate.

This candle holder is a Gail Pittman, and any one from the South collecting pottery will know of her. She has some of the most wonderful pottery pieces so full of fun. This one came from her store in Destine. Her store is at the big outlet mall.
The candle is battery operated and it flickers just like a real candle. You can buy these in different scents. This is vanilla and it looks so nice and you get no smoke. Love that!

This is a bubble glass. It has different sizes of bubbles in it and when you put any color drink it makes it look so festive. I just have water in mine.

This serving/baking dish is a Southern Living at HOME piece, it's in the senna style with the red an yellow's. It bakes up really nice and also makes your table look very pretty. This is one of my favorite pieces. They have it in Province which are the blue and green's.

This next piece is one of my favorite little red vases. This is also Southern Living at HOME and
at the top it has a ruffle that is hand painted in brown. Very cute vase short and squatie very sassy looking.
The flowers are 3 bunches of silk summery flowers that I bought at Everything is a dollar.
I love that store.
This polka dot cereal/soup/serving bowl can just about hold anything with it's big shape. I just love the big red polka dots. It gives everything a fun look.
And my cotton red checkered table cloth which makes everything come alive and fun.

Now this is on the menu for the Red checkered Foodie Friday.
Salisbury Steak , Lima beans, buttery chive potatoes.
This is my dinner and we are just about to sit down and dig into a very tasty meal. Yummy and Mr B is home from work and very hungry.

The mushroom gravy

1 - 14oz can of beef broth
1 - 10oz can of cream of mushroom
1 - 4 0z can of sliced mushrooms
2 - Tb spoons of corn starch
Combine first 3 ingredients together on medium low heat and then stir in corn starch.
When the gravy comes to a soft boil turn it off and it will thicken.

Sirloin Patties.
In a non stick skillet add 1 Tb spoon of oil and fry on medium heat till you get them a little pink inside. about 10 minutes.

Buttery Chive potatoes. (if you don't care for chive sub thyme instead).
6 medium potatoes peeled, cubed and rinsed
add garlic salt to taste about 1/4tsp
add 1/2 stick of butter (cut in slices)
sprinkle parsley
Minced chives sprinkle about 1/4tsp
pepper to taste
combine all these ingredient's into a microwavable corning dish with lid
microwave 5 minutes. Stir and microwave about 4 minutes more.
Stir and leave lid on to rest for 2 minutes before serving.

Lima beans with a twist:
1 can of Lima beans with juice
add garlic salt to taste 1/4tsp
sprinkle parsley
basil 1/4 tsp
pepper to taste
cook on medium heat till boil then turn down and cook on low for 10 to 15 minutes.

I hope you like what I had on my menu and if you try any of these please drop a line and let me know what you thought of the dishes.
I want to thank all of you for stopping by and I hope you will stay a while and check out all the other past post of mine. Click follow so we can stay in contact with each other.
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Now it is time for me to check out some tablescapes.
Have a great Day.


  1. A pretty table for some great food! Glad I stopped by! ;-)

  2. Bright cheery table and with the food...who could resist.

    Good job,

  3. You are so right the red checkered table cloth is just perfect. I love the feel it brings to the whole table scape. The food looks fabulous! Yummie

  4. What a bright, bold and beautiful table! That cloth really makes it come alive. And those swirly plates are to die for!

  5. I really like the red and yellows, the checkered cloth and that great red vase! Very nice setting. The food is calling to me especially that mushroom gravey!!

  6. Your table looks like an indoor picnic... FUN!!!

  7. adorable. the flowers are a sweet touch!

    this is my first tablescape thursday and it is so fun to see everyone's display!


  8. Beautiful table and the meal sounds delicious.
    I tried clicking on the photos but they didn't enlarge for me.? When you post your photos, do you use the LARGE setting ? They will come out much larger if you use it.
    I loved your tablescape and your dishes are GREAT.

  9. What a wonderfully cheerful table. There is something so welcoming about a checkered table cloth and when it's set with your wonderful array of food it has the makings of a perfect day.

  10. Oh no I came here again and now I'm drooling again...